Job Descriptions

Housing Specialist 


Provide individuals with all types of disabilities with finding and transitioning into sustainable housing within their own community.

Transition Advocates assist in:

  • Home showings

  • Enrolling individuals in service benefits

  • Walk through lease and loan agreements

  • Assisting in rental barriers (if applicable)

  • Daily housing searches

  • Communications between prospective landlords, property managers, or leasing agents

  • Completion and submission of emergency assistance, energy assistance applications

  • Using housing options and market rate housing applications

  • Follow up calls and check on applications.

Transition Advocates work directly with the at risk individuals as well as the individuals support system (case worker, family members, guardians, etc.) to create the most successful outcome for the clients housing goals.

Sustainability Advocates assist in:

  • Developing, updating and modifying the housing support and crisis/safety plan on a regular basis

  • Preventing and early identification of behaviors that may jeopardize continued housing

  • Educating and training on roles, rights, and responsibilities of the tenant and property manager

  • Transportation with the person receiving services present and discussing housing related issues

  • Promoting/supporting cultural practice needs and understandings with landlords, property managers and neighbors

  • Coaching to develop and maintain key relationships with property managers and neighbors

  • Advocating with community resources to prevent eviction when housing is at risk and maintain person’s safety

  • Assistance with the housing re-certification processes

  • Providing in-service transportation (person must be with)

  • Continued training on being a good tenant, lease compliance, and household management

  • Supporting the person to apply for benefits to retain housing

  • Supporting the person to understand and maintain/increase income and benefits to retain housing

  • Supporting the building of natural housing supports and resources in the community including building supports and resources related to a person’s culture and identity

  • Working with property manager or landlord to promote housing retention

  • Arranging for assistive technology

  • Arranging for adaptive house related accommodations

Sustainability Advocates work directly with the at risk individuals as well as their support systems system (case worker, family member, guardians, etc.) to create the most successful and continuous housing for the client.

Experience is preferred, but not required. We are willing to train individuals.

Looking for individuals that are bilingual in Somali or Spanish (Not required to apply).

The first 30 days of employment there will be a training pay of $12.00 an hr. Once, your 30 days of training is completed you will receive the pay rate of $16.00 an hr.

Housing Intake Processor

Our agency seeks a reliable Housing intake processor to join our Housing Stabilization Department. The successful candidate will have quick typing skills, an analytical mind, exceptional attention to detail and a passion for precision. We’re looking for a long-term employee who wants to grow within our business. If you enjoy data entry and can work efficiently in a fast-paced office setting, please get in touch.


Housing Intake Processor Responsibilities

  • Review, fact-check and process housing applications for individuals being serviced by HHCS

  • Index applications and file them in the appropriate places

  • Identify new housing opportunities by searching the web, contacting properties and notify the appropriate parties about openings

  • Monitor housing opportunities for opening and submitting applications before deadline or closing of waitlist availability.

  • Evaluate and process applications for employees  that may fall ill or out of office for extended period of time

  • Maintain accurate and thorough documentation records

  • Establish positive rapport with employees and Property managers

  • Complete intakes for clients pending assignment to advocates and complete housing searches based on clients demographics

  • Occasionally contacting individuals for missing information in order to complete applications on their behalf

  • Producing and maintaining a 75 percent production rate based on hours worked daily and weekly


Housing Intake Processor skills


  • 30 WPM with minimal errors

  • Expert in Google Platform

  • Proficient with IOS  Products

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality with alignment of HIPPA

  • Excellent bookkeeping and organizational skills

  • Comfortable with accepting and applying constructive criticism

  • Resourceful with the ability to think outside the box when searching for affordable housing solutions.

  • Ability to stay focused in an independent role.

Salary based on skills and experience (Extensive Skill and proven track record pay negotiable) up to  $17.00

The first 30 days of employment there will be a training pay of $12.00 an hr.