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The Canterville Ghost Full Movie In Hindi Version 14




As the story goes, the deceased poet Oscar Wilde, often referred to as the genius Wilde, had a chilling glimpse of the world to come. This happened during an attack by the infamous ghost of the notorious Can-ter-ville dweller, after the latter had been disemboweled by his fifth wife, Constance, in 1897. At the time, the renowned poet was researching the story of the doomed Canterville family, and was inspired to make use of Constance' ghost for his fiction. Apparently, Constance told the poet that his fifth wife had been reborn and was among the present-day Cantervilles who were in search of the remaining members of the family. The said reincarnation had a certain resemblance with the poet's wife, the present-day Constance. He immediately wrote an interesting poem for publication in his famous book, The Portrait of Dorian Gray, and in the process named the lady-ghost "Juliette". He also described the apparition to be one of the most beautiful of the post-mortem relatives, and sent a copy of the poem to his wife, who was not in any way displeased by the poet's description. According to the ghost, his body was in a state of decay and would soon return to the earth, while his soul, along with the souls of the deceased members of his family, would continue to exist in the afterlife, being occasionally summoned to enjoy a brief, full life. Having received the news, the late Mrs. Wilde was shocked, especially when she heard the news of her husband's actual death, and she never showed any inclination to confirm the truth of the matter. However, her son, the late W. B. (Basil) Rose, who was aware of his mother's close relationship with his father, somehow had his way in getting the poem printed in the aforementioned book. He was determined to prove that the poet's ghost was real, and he had to resort to a few tactics to get this task done. The main method he employed was to "encourage" the literary and theatrical circles in London to visit the Bloomsbury Graveyard, which was said to contain the cremated remains of the notorious Wilde, and also some other cremated members of his family. The poet's ghost was said to haunt the tomb of his fourth wife, Belle, and also that of his oldest son, Willie, along with a private room reserved for Constance, whose body had been exhumed to be burned. However, if




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The Canterville Ghost Full Movie In Hindi Version 14

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