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Our Story

Humble Home Chore Service was established in November 2016 with a steadfast purpose – to make a real difference in the lives of individuals seeking reliable and compassionate home services. Our journey began from the heart, fueled by the sincere desire to address the shortcomings witnessed in the industry. We saw a need unmet, a gap unfilled, and a community longing for sincere care and understanding.Our founder's personal experiences of homelessness, coupled with a firsthand insight into the challenges of securing affordable housing and learning independent living skills, ignited a passion to create something truly impactful. It was born out of a deep empathy for those who felt overlooked, vulnerable, and in need of genuine support.With each encounter, we recognized the power of knowledge, skill, and most importantly, empathy in transforming lives. We have walked in the shoes of those we serve, and that shared understanding drives our commitment to excellence every day.At Humble Home Chore Service, we don't just aim to be another home services provider – we aspire to be a beacon of hope, empowerment, and positive change. We stand tall, driven by the belief that even the smallest acts of kindness and understanding can ripple outwards, shaping a kinder world for all.Together, we are not just changing homes; we are changing hearts and minds. Welcome to a community where every action, no matter how humble, has the power to make a difference.

Kela Holloway

Founder, Humble Home Chore Service

2023 Community

113 Lawns Serviced

Over 100 Houses Cleaned

2 Counties Served

Our Leadership

We would like to take a moment to introduce you to our leadership who play a vital role in the smooth functioning of business. Firstly, we have Kela Holloway, who serves as our administrator and is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of our office are running seamlessly. Secondly, we have Jennifer Tessier, our office manager, who oversees our day-to-day operations, ensuring that everything is running smoothly. Together, Kela and Jennifer form an integral part of our team, and they are invaluable in ensuring that our business runs efficiently and effectively.

Kela Holloway

Kela Holloway

Office Manager
Jennifer Tessier

Jennifer Tessier
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