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Housing Stabilization Services 


Humble Home helps individuals with disabilities, mental illness, substance use disorder, and seniors with the process of finding housing and moving from one unlicensed setting to another  in the community. Housing Stabilization Services includes contacting landlords or service providers, advocating for individuals, accompanying individuals on tours, obtaining necessary paperwork for applications, completing applications, coordinating the moving process, and other tasks directly related to securing housing where individuals will be successful in their preferred setting.

Open Hands

Chore Services



Our Chore Services are contracted & trusted companies that are specialize in your clients needs. Our goal is to keep the clients home inside & out tidy, sanitary, & safe. 


Our Chore Services 

  • Moving Large Furniture

  • Lawn Mowing 

  • Snow Removal

  • Disposal of Items

  • Extermination & Pest Control

  • General Indoor & Outdoor Home Maintenance 

  • Heavy Household Chores

    •  securing loose rugs, washing floors, carpet cleaning, windows, and walls

  • Packing the Clients Belongings 

    • Moving with us or not with us, We'll still do it!​

  • Rearranging or securing household items in order to prevent injuries or falls

  • Hoarding

    • We do partner with Minnesota Hoarding for clients who require significant cleaning and uncluttering services. Providing quality services to those in need and specialize in working with persons with Hoarding tendencies. For more information visit www.MinnesotaHoarding.com.

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Transitional Services 

Transitional Services are for individuals with disabilities, mental illness, substance use disorder, and seniors who need assistance in items and expenses necessary and reasonable for a person to transition from an eligible setting to their own home.

Services We Offer

• Essential furniture (e.g., bed frame, box spring, mattress, dining table and chairs, dressers, lamps, sofas)

• Lease or rental deposits

• Household supplies (e.g., cleaning supplies, dishes, drinking glasses, flatware, pots and pans, sheets, towels)

• Moving expenses (e.g., moving vehicle rental, packing, unpacking)

• Pest and allergen treatment of the home

• Utility set-up fees and deposit

• Window coverings.

Currently serving Hennipen, Dakota, Anoka, Chisago County, and surrounding areas.