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Handyman Services


The handyman services cover more of your miscellaneous areas of need, including junk removal, pest control, repairs (indoor or outdoor), packing house, power washing, mold remediation, and flood remediation.

Junk Removal & Dumpster Rental

We can remove furniture, appliances, bedding, clothes/shoes, TVs, etc.

We need detailed information of the items. (Example: the size of TV, furniture, and bedding, etc.).

Taking photos of items needing to be removed is highly recommended. If unable to provide photos, an in-person consultation will then be required.


Pest Control

Pest control for wasps, ants, roaches, and mice. An in-person consultation will be required before services and cost of completion are given. 


Bed Bugs

An in-person consultation will be required prior to services and cost of completions given.

Two services are available:

1) Heat Treatment

2) Chemical Treatment

We recommend clients to not be home when home is being treated for safety reasons.

Home Repairs

We offer a wide variety of repairs like power washing, grouting, HVAC/ AC repair, plumber, light bulb change, etc. 

We need detailed information on what needs to be repaired and a consultation may be required depending on repair.

Packing / Unpacking (not including moving assistance)

We are able to pack/unpack the entire home or apartment as well as partial, assembling and disassembling furniture can also be requested.

- Estimation of boxes, bubble wrap and other packing materials needed

- Take photos of items needing to be packed

- all listed belongings will completely packed and ready for moving

Mold/Flood Remediation

An in-person will be required prior to services and cost of completions given. We need photos to assist with what they will be walking in to during the in-person consultation/inspection.

Grocery Shopping


Monthly or Bi-Weekly Grocery Shopping Services
- Grocery items will be chosen in accordance with the individual’s grocery list and
preferences list, acquired upon the shopper’s arrival. These lists are provided for the individual to complete, prior to scheduling services, by HHCS either through an individual’s caseworker or through the agency directly. If no preferences exist for any certain item on the preferences list, this agency will purchase generic brands as priority with respect to any/all food sensitivities or food allergies identified.
- Groceries will be purchased with the individual’s preferred payment method only. Preferred payment methods will be provided by the individual to their personal shopper. Financial balance checks will be conducted both before and after the shopping has taken place with signatures from the client in verification of resource checks before and after the shopping has taken place.
- Groceries will be delivered and put away after the shopping has been completed by the shopper, unless otherwise instructed by the client.

Junk Removal
Pest Control
Home Repairs
Grocery Shopping
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