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Wet grass

Seasonal Services


Humble Home Chore Service provides lawn services to customers in need. Our mission is to help those unable to care for their yards themselves. We provide spring and fall cleanup along with bi-weekly or weekly maintenance. Our team of experienced professionals will take care of your lawn quickly and efficiently. We understand that every customer’s needs differ, so we strive to meet them with our custom-tailored solutions.

Lawn Care (May - October)

Services To Be Rendered:

● Spring Clean-Up and Fall Clean-Up

● Bi-Weekly or Weekly Mowing Services
● All grassy areas cut to 2.5"- 3" based on current weather conditions, trimming of all edging areas, & blowing of all clippings off walkways/roadways/planting beds.
● Prices reflect a standard rate for 1⁄3 of an acre yard, pricing will increase if the
client's yard is larger than 1⁄3 of an acre or if the client’s yard requires extensive
attention or additional services.
● Clean Up Services -- Mowing of all lawn/grassy areas, trimming of all edging
areas, & blowing of all clippings off walkways/roadways/planting beds, and
removal of all leaves/branches/debris on the premises, disposing of all debris off-site.

Curb Appeal Services (May - October)

Services To Be Rendered:

● Gutter Cleaning

Oversized Tree Trimming

● Plant/Flower Beds


Sod Implementation

Snow Removal (November - March)

Services To Be Rendered:

Snow Contract Monthly Agreement With Shoveling -- Residential
● Based on a 1" Snow Trigger. Includes snowplowing the drive areas up to the garage doors, shoveling or snow blowing the sidewalk/entry area(s), clearing the mailbox area
● Snow events from 2"- 6", our provider will perform one clearing after the snow has ceased within 10-12 hours.
● Larger 6"+ snow events will be serviced at a trigger point of 2 inches and will continue as soon as possible given conditions and workload.
● Covers 20 events; anything beyond 20 events additional units will be requested.
● Salt Applications on Sidewalk/Entrance Area(s). Actual amount required is based on current conditions of the surface and as determined by the contractor

Lawn Care
Snow Removal
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